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In this article, you will learn how to create, edit, or delete a bundle as well as how to track your bundle inventory.

In this article

  1. Create a bundle
  2. Edit or delete a bundle
  3. Link your bundle
  4. Track your bundle inventory


1. Create a bundle

To create a bundle, go to the Products tab and click on Bundles at the top right

⚠️ Please note that in order to create a bundle, all of the bundle's product components need to exist in your Products

πŸ’‘ Read this article to see how to add products manually or this one to import products using a CSV import file. 


  • On the Product bundles page, hover over the thunderbolt in the upper right corner and click on Add bundle

2._Add_Bundle.pngSee the following sections to learn how to fill out the required information for your bundle.


a) Define a bundle identifier and name

Each bundle  identifier is composed of:

  • Your company's 4-letter ID + 'BU' for 'BUndle'
  • 6 characters of your choice, identifying the bundle type
  • 4 characters of your choice defining the bundle variant (or any specific information)

☝️ Similarly to your products, once a bundle identifier is created it can no longer be modified. We kindly advise you to take some time when creating it!



b) Determine the bundle's product components

  • To add components to your bundle, click on Add product


  • Select all the products to be added by clicking on the βž• button on the right
  • Once you've selected them all, click on Close


  • For each component, fill in the quantities
  • Notice that you can always remove a product by clicking on remove


  • Click on the βž• icon below Options to specify the Color, Size, or any other Custom characteristic that applies to your bundle. This feature is for your reference, it will appear only internally, and does not affect your product in any way.



c) Complete the creation of your bundle

Finally, click on Create bundle



2. Edit or delete a bundle

You can edit or delete your bundle by hovering over the 3 dots on the right and selecting the right action


Be aware!

Any order containing a bundle will be shipped using the bundle's configuration at the time it was placed.


3. Link your bundle

Only orders with items linked to Bigblue products can be handled by our system! Bundles are linked exactly like normal Products. 

πŸ’‘ Consult this guide to refresh your knowledge about how to link a product!


4. Track your bundle inventory

To track your bundle inventory, go to the Inventory tab and click on Bundles at the top right


πŸ’‘The availability of a bundle is calculated based on the  available stock of each of its product components. This means that if the inventory of the concerned products changes, the availability of the bundle will change accordingly. 

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