Fast Tags | Troubleshooting guide

Having some issues with Fast Tags? This troubleshooting guide will help you 🚀

I have activated Fast Tags but I don’t see a badge in my store

You tried to set up Fast Tags, and they are not displayed in you store?

In a few words, you need to confirm that

  • Fast Tags are activated on Bigblue and on your website
  • The auto-fulfillment is well set up
  • Your product is mapped and is in stock
  • Your CMS setup is compliant with Fast Tags

1. Make sure Fast Tags are activated

a) in your Bigblue settings

First things first, make sure Fast Tags are activated in your shop settings.

If you cannot activate Fast Tags, it could be that you haven’t subscribed to our Conversion Pack. Please reach out to your Account Manager or our support team to unlock.

b) on your website

Depending on your display method, you need to have followed the setup steps to activate Fast Tags. See our activation article.

2. Make sure your auto-fulfillment settings are set up

a) In your shop Settings

In Bigblue, in your Shop integrations → Your shop., the "Auto-fulfill orders" switch needs to be activated

Why? As the fast tag displays a date to customers, it needs to rely on orders being automatically fulfilled. Otherwise, the risk that the delivery promise is not matched is too high.

b) In your auto-fulfillment settings

Go to the auto-fulfillment settings and check if your shipping methods are linked to carriers in the correct region.

3. Make sure your product is mapped to a Bigblue product and is in stock

a) On your shop settings, make sure that your product is mapped to a Bigblue product

b) Confirm your product is in stock

The badge is not injected if your product is out of stock. This helps you ensure you can activate the Fast Tags without trouble if you have pre-orders or some products are out-of-stock.

To check your product inventory

  • In Bigblue, go to the Inventory. The product quantity should be positive

ℹ️ In the case of the Cart badge, the badge is hidden if at least one product is not available.

4. Make sure your CMS settings and versions comply with Fast Tags

  • Shopify only - Make sure you don’t use custom shipping rates

    Custom shipping rates, known as shipping profiles, prevent Bigblue from determining a delivery method. In this case, Fast Tags are not displayed.

If your custom shipping rates are not used, you can remove them:

  • In Shopify, go to Settings → Shipping & Delivery
  • On the right of the custom shipping rate, click “Manage”
  • Delete the profile at the bottom of the page

5. If all the above solutions did not work

  • If you have just activated Fast Tags, it can be that you need to wait a few minutes.

    Bigblue uses cache methods to display Fast Tags quickly on your shop. For this reason, you may have to wait up to 1 minute before seeing Fast tags on your site.

  • A/B Test - Clear your cookies and retry

    Bigblue uses A/B tests to measure and improve Fast Tags performance. These A/B tests can temporarily hide the Fast Tags for a small percentage of users. To verify this, clear your browser cookies and reload the page.

  • Consider switching to manual placement

    In some cases (some templates can conflict with our Fast Tag for example), the automatic placement doesn’t work. The badge is displayed in a wrong place, or it is not displayed at all. In that case, you need to use the manual placement method.

If none of these solutions work, please contact our support team!

The badge does not show the right amount for free delivery

Our Fast Tags will show the free delivery threshold for standard home delivery methods (outside Express and Pickup).

Our feature will both use: your shipping methods as they are defined in your CMS, and your auto-fulfillment settings in the Bigblue app.

If you think it's not the right threshold, please review both settings.

If you still don't understand why we display a given amount for free delivery, please contact our support team with a screenshot of your shipping methods settings in your CMS.

The badge locates me in the wrong postal code or country - Why?

We localize customers thanks to an algorithm based on the IP address. If it is not the right location, please make sure that you don't use a VPN. Sometimes it can happen that it's not the exact postal code but a location nearby. In all cases, the customer can edit their postal code in the Fast Tags badge.

If you want to see what the Fast Tag looks like in another country or location, you can use a VPN.

The badge is displayed but I don’t particularly appreciate how it looks and where it appears

If you are not satisfied with how the Fast Tag looks and where it appears on your product pages, you can use CSS. If you are a developer, feel free to check this article to better understand how to use CSS to customize the look and position of your Fast Tag on product pages.

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