Introduction to orders

You want to know what happens between your eCommerce checkout and your customers receiving their products? Here is the answer!

From your shop to Bigblue

We call order a commercial transaction of specific products realized on your e-shop.

Orders are automatically transmitted to Bigblue and displayed in the app, but you also have the option to manually create an order from our platform. To do so, you can refer to our article Create an order.

From Bigblue to the warehouse

When an order is placed, Bigblue assigns it to one of the warehouses where your products are stored. Then, a fulfillment is created.

Fulfillment refers to the process of preparing and shipping a customer’s order.

If the stock is sufficient, the order is prepared and packed by operators at the warehouse.

From the warehouse to your client

Then, parcels are handed over to the carrier of your choice. During their transportation, Bigblue tracks the parcels and your customers get notified of any significant event.

And finally, the order arrives at the destination!

To walk you through this sometimes complicated workflow, we've created meaningful statuses. Read our articles about the order statuses and the fulfillment statuses.

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