Fulfillment statuses

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Where to look for fulfillment statuses?

On an order's page, the fulfillment status is available here


What do the different statuses stand for?

Here is the meaning of the different statuses:

Created → The order's fulfillment has been created. From now on, stock it reserved for the fulfillment.

Pending → The fulfillment is awaiting transmission.

Transmitted → The fulfillment has been transmitted to the warehouse and will be processed.

In preparation → The orders' items are being picked and packed by operators.

Shipped → The parcel has left the warehouse and is being transported.

Delivered → The parcel has been successfully delivered.

Fulfillment exception → There is an issue with the address and the order won't be shipped until the issue is resolved.

Delivery exception → There is an unexpected problem during transportation or your client was absent at delivery.

Backorder → There are not enough items in stock to fulfill the order.

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