Split fulfillment for backorders

Your order contains out-of-stock products but you want to fulfill the other available products? Here is how to proceed...

The way to do it is splitting one fulfillment into several ones.

This will let you ship the available products immediately while the backordered product will be sent automatically as soon as it is back in stock.

To split the fulfillment:

  • Go to the Orders tab
  • Select the backordered order

Hover over the Backorder yellow box to see which product is backordered

If the auto-fulfillment setting is enabled, follow all the steps listed below. If not, skip the first step.

1. Modify the shipping method

  • Click on Edit
  • Untick the field Autofulfilled by Bigblue

2. Edit the fulfillments

  • In the fulfillment field, Click on Edit

  • Delete the backordered product by clicking on the icon
  • Click on Save changes


3. Create a new fulfillment

  • Select the backordered product and click on Fulfill selected lines

Fulfill the selected items and in the drop-down menus choose:

  • A warehouse
  • A carrier service

Schedule the date and time of the fulfillment.

4. Confirm that a new fulfillment is created

You now can see that you have two different fulfillments for the products. 

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