Split fulfillment for backorders

Your order contains out-of-stock products but you want to fulfill the other available products to your customer as soon as possible?

Bigblue app allows you to split one fulfillment into several ones!

To proceed, you need to go to the page of the order you want to split.

  • Go on the Orders-list, and filter on the status ‘Backordered’
  • Select the order you want to partially fulfill

1. Edit the fulfillment

In the fulfillment section, Remove the backordered product(s) from the fulfillment by clicking on the three-dots button

2. Create a new fulfillment

  • Scroll-up to the order section
  • Select the product(s) you just removed
  • Click on the “Fulfill selected lines”
  • In the modal choose:
    • A warehouse
    • A carrier service
    • And schedule the date and time of the fulfillment

3. Check that a new fulfillment is created

You will then see that you have two different fulfillments for your products.

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