Lots management FAQ

Looking for information about how your lots are managed? Here you'll find all you need to know!

1. In case I need to create a second SKU for an already existing product, how is my stock managed?

  • First of all, kindly note that it's impossible to transfer the stock of the old SKU (which lot was not) to the new SKU that has a lot.
  • If you create a second SKU for an already existing product in order to activate lots tracking, you will first need to empty the stock of the old SKU and then start using the new SKU products.
  • As long as you do not change the link between your shop's product and the old SKU, the old SKU products will be selected by default for your orders.
  • Once the stock of the old SKUs is exhausted, you will have to update the link by linking your shop's product to the new SKU.

2. Based on what criteria are products selected for the fulfillment of orders?

Once the stock of old SKUs is exhausted and the links between your shop's products and the old SKUs have been updated, orders will be fulfilled automatically with the products of the oldest lots.

3. Where can I track lots-related information?

  • Access the Inventory tab
  • Search for the SKU whose lots you want to track
  • Click on the arrow that appears at the end of the SKU's line

  • On that page, scroll down till you see the section Lots

💡 The information appearing on this table can be exported through a normal inventory export.

4. What happens if a lot expires and more products of this lot are in stock?

  • Please note that a lot expires and becomes unavailable for sale 3 months before its expiration date.
  • Products in stock whose lot has expired appear as Damaged in the application (cf. question 3). These products are no longer used for the fulfillment of orders.

5. Is it possible to organise the retrieval of products by lot?

If you need to retrieve products of a specific lot from your stock, you may send your request to our Customer Care team (cf. Get in touch with Customer Care) who will liaise with the Warehouse Manager and organise this for you.

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