Activate lots management

Do you need Bigblue to manage your products based on their lots? Follow the steps described below in order to activate lots tracking for your products.

☝️ Please note that at present lots management is only available at ADS Evreux (EU-FRA-002) and LOG'S Tigery (EU-FRA-003).

First things first: The benefits of activating lots management

🚀 The lots tracking feature enables us to:

  • Use the FEFO (first-expired-first-out) method of stock rotation
  • Organise the retrieval of products by lot
  • Track the inventory per lot

1. Request Bigblue to activate lots management

First and foremost, Bigblue has to activate the lots management option for your account. Only then will you be able to proceed with the required setup.

2. Create the products for which lots should be tracked

☝️ Lots tracking can only be activated for a product at the creation of the product.

❌ It is not possible to edit an already existing product in order to activate lots tracking.

💡 This means that if you want to activate lots tracking for an existing product, you should create a new SKU for it.

  • Access the Products section
  • Click on Add product

💡 You can also activate lots tracking by using a CSV file to import your products (cf. Products CSV import > Section 2 - b) Guidelines for creating your CSV import file). 

3. Indicate lot code and expiration date at the inbound shipment creation

  • Access the Inbound Shipments tab
  • Click on Add inbound shipment

  • Fill in the required information (cf. Create an inbound shipment)
  • Once you select a product, make sure to indicate its Lot Code and Lot Expiration Date

💡 You can also provide the required lots-related information by using a CSV file to import your inbound shipment's products (cf. Inbound shipment CSV import).

⚠️ Make sure to double-check the Lot Code and Lot Expiration Date for each product. Incorrect information will incur an additional cost of 0.15€/item for its correction at the warehouse.

That's it! The setup has now been completed!

📖 For more information about lots management check out the Lots management FAQ article.

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