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Customized tracking emails are a must-have marketing tool. They are also a great way to ensure long-term customer loyalty and master your brand image. Learn how to configure them in the easiest and fastest way possible to make sure it becomes a growth lever!

📦 Delivery pack

Tracking emails are only available to our Delivery Pack subscribers.

Interested? Contact our support team to subscribe to our pack.

Set up tracking emails

To activate your tracking emails, go to Buyer Experience > Customization, select an experience, open the "Tracking email" menu (on the left), and choose "Active".

Then all you have to do is configure your emails as you wish!

Customize tracking emails

In your experience general settings, fill in your branding assets, your support links, and your social links. This information will be populated on all your buyer experiences including your tracking emails.

  • Set your support links & social media links. This link will be added to your emails but also to your tracking page and return portal..

  • Use the customized marketing banner to:
    • Highlight your offers
    • Present your new product collections
    • Display referral programs

☝️Make sure you don't skip any step: give more visibility to your brand and increase your sales!

Predictive emails

☝️Proactively informing your customers of the exact route of their package will give them more contextual information and limit the contact rate!

83% of shoppers say that they expect regular communication about their packages (source). Bigblue now enables merchants to send predictive emails.

Starting from August 2023, we will be launching in beta 2 new emails

Carrier delay Sent when the carrier is facing a delay and exceeds the estimated date
Pickup point collect reminder Sent for pickup point deliveries, when the order has still not been picked up 2 days before the deadline

Use these emails to avoid failed deliveries, and decrease your support volumes.

See our guide to activate Predictive emails.


Which emails will my customers receive?

Your customer will receive tracking emails

  • when an order has been prepared (only if the tracking page is activated) 
  • when an order has been shipped
  • when an order has been delivered
  • if a delivery attempt fails
  • when a package is available for pickup
  • (optional)
    • If there is an invalid address or contact detail
    • If the carrier is experiencing a delay
    • A reminder if the package is waiting at a pickup location

If you have activated the return portal, return emails will also be sent:

  • when the return is requested by buyers, with specific instructions
  • when the store credit is triggered (if you have activated store credit and if the buyer selected it)
  • when the return is reviewed at the warehouse in other cases

In what language are sent emails?

🇪🇺 E-mails will be sent in the user language (French, Spanish, English & German) we get from the CMS. The default language is English. 

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