Track my inbound shipment

How can I keep track of the products I shipped to the warehouse? Easy! Here are the steps to follow:

Consult the inbound shipments page

  • Access the Inbound Shipments tab
  • The Inbound Shipments page summarizes your past, present and future shipments to the warehouse 


  • Each inbound shipment goes through 3 different statuses:
    • Pending (i.e the inbound shipment has been transmitted to the warehouse but has not yet arrived)
    • Offloading (the shipment is being offloaded of the truck)
    • Complete (the offloading is finished and the products are stored in the warehouse)
  • When hovering over the progress gauge, you can see how many items are:
    • Offloaded
    • Damaged
    • Remaining (i.e that haven't been offloaded yet)
  • Click on the "→" to get further details about your shipment 


Look for details about your inbound shipment

If your inbound shipment is being or has been offloaded, you will see for each of your products, how many are:

  • Offloaded
  • Damaged
  • Expected


To see the address of the warehouse, click on View address


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