Onboarding checklist

This checklist is designed to walk you through the different parts of our application and our services.

Take your time to read it carefully and discover the numerous features that will help you automating the most time-consuming tasks of your operations.

1/ Create your account

  • Your Onboarding Specialist at Bigblue will send you an invitation link to the app
  • Log in to create your account

💡Don't forget to save Bigblue app link in Favorite to find it easily!

2/ Fill in general information

  • Fill in all the information relating to your company in Settings, Organization (Legal name, registration number, EORI...)
  • Enter a payment method in Settings, Billing information

⚠️ Please note that without a payment method, shipments cannot be initiated.

3/ Build your inventory

You can either import your product manually or via CSV, recommended if you have more than 10 items. 

💡Flyers / marketing inserts must also be entered into the inventory, as described in this section.

⚠️ If you plan to send B2B orders with a high number of units, inform your Onboarding Specialist so that you can make the best set up.

4/ Send your first Inbound Shipment

Whenever you will send items at the warehouse, you need to announce their arrival in the section Inbound Shipment. Carefully read Bigblue's Delivery Conditions and share them with your supplier or chosen courier.

⚠️ Please, note that only inbound shipments that are compliant with our delivery conditions will be accepted and processed by the warehouse operators.

  • Prepare your products or make sure the goods you ship comply with our delivery conditions
  • Access the Inbound Shipments tab to Create your inbound shipment
  • Organize your transit and add the delivery note 

⚠️ Keep in mind that your inbound shipment has to be created:

  • 24 hrs in advance if you're shipping boxes
  • 48 hrs in advance if you're shipping pallets
  • 7 days in advance if you're shipping a container

5/ Connect your shop and link products

To allow the synchronisation of orders and inventory between Bigbue and you website, you need to:

  • Link your products
  • Activate your product
    • ⚠️  Be careful, product activation lead to inventory synchronisation. If the products are linked and we have not received any stock at the warehouse, the stock visible by your customers on your shop will be at zero, and they will not be able to buy your products. We advise not to activate the products (i.e. deactivate the blue button next to the product link) until we have received the products physically at the warehouse.

⚠️  If you are in one of the below cases, contact your Onboarding Specialist: 

  • pre-order
  • multiple inventories managed on your store
  • products sold on your website but not shipped by Bigblue 
  • country blacklisted from Bigblue shipping

6/ Set up the automated fulfillment

The automated fulfillment corresponds to the automatic synchronization of orders from the CMS.  It is a setting that enables you to automatically assign an outbound warehouse and a carrier service to all your orders, based on your e-shop's shipping methods.To configure the shipping methods and the automated fulfillment we invite you to go to Settings / Auto-Fulfillment:

  • Choose an auto-fulfill delay i.e. the buffer time between the order submission - when the order is transmitted to the Bigblue app - and the fulfillment creation.
  • Choose an auto-fulfill date
    • 💡Orders submitted before this date will have to be manually fulfilled - manual fulfillment
    • Determining this date can be particularly useful in case some of your orders have been fulfilled by your previous logistics provider although synced in Bigblue and you would like to prevent them from being handled by Bigblue.
  • Map your carriers
    • Select your shipping method : All the shipping methods entered in your e-shop appear in the Shipping Method dropdown menu.
    • Assign carriers to your shipping methods 
      • 💡The order in which you enter the carriers is important: it determines the order in which carriers will be assigned to serve a specific shipping zone (starting from the left and moving to the right).

⚠️ Make sure to activate the Auto-fulfill orders button in Shop Integration once you want to start operations

7/ Set up buyer experience features

  • Set up tracking emails
    • You should first upload a company logo in Settings > Organization > Edit company logo so that the tracking emails are well branded.
  • Set up tracking link
  • Set up the return portal
  • Activate the ETA  [Shopify only]
  • Activate the Fast Tag [Available for Shopify and Woocommerce]
  • Activate Gift Notes [Shopify only]

8/ Set up notifications

  • Set up inventory alerts, go to Settings / Inventory Alerts
  • Set up order, inbounds and helpdesk notifications
    • 💡 We recommend enabling the following online and email notifications: Shipping method not configured ; Address validation failed ; Backorder ; Order exception ; Order returned ; Shop order processing failed 

9/ Set up your marketing insert

If you want to add 1 marketing insert in all your orders (flyer or goodies) here are the steps to follow :
  1. Create a product in the Bigblue app
    1. A barcode is mandatory when creating the product in the Bigblue app that you can generate via a free site
    2. It is not necessary to put a barcode on the flyer but on the box/carton that contains them. 
  2. Create an Inbound Shipment
    1. the delivery note must be placed on the flyer boxes/cartons, as with any other inbound shipment
    2. flyers are often printed by large publishers who refuse to include delivery notes. In this case, the Inbound Shipment number should be added on the supplier's BL in the 2nd line of the shipping address
  3. Contact your Onboarding Specialist to request back-office activation
    1. Please mention the SKU corresponding to the flyer

10/ Set up your personalized packaging

If you have contracted the use of custom packaging and wish to use it for shipping orders, please refer to this article.

11/ Connect your support and marketing applications

12/ Get to know how to manage complaints

13/ Update your commercial Terms and Conditions

Don't forget to update your Terms & Conditions, as policies might have changed with Bigblue settings. You might need to update : 

  • shipping policies: lead times, costs
  • return policies: process, lead times, costs, conditions

14/ Additional information 

You may find some useful links all over the Helpcenter. Do not hesitate to contact you Onboarding Specialist / Account Manager / Customer Care team if you need any help!

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